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Martine Prenen

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Who is Martine Prenen?

Book presentation Martine Prenen An extraordinary women, who combined a TV career with a job as presenter and journalist, as well as being a certified health coach and yoga fan! She teaches workshops, gives lectures and presentations to explain that a healthy lifestyle can also be easy and fun. After studying for five years at the "Levensschool" academy in Tongerlo, she had so many ideas that she wrote a book about them. Slightly tongue in cheek, without a moralising finger, because that gets on everyone's nerves, she advises people on how to live healthier and be more aware, but always in a humorous way. Her book is the kind of book you want to have on your night stand, or on your coffee table, but above all somewhere you can open it now and then for some tips and tricks that are easy and really work. In addition to this popular lifestyle book, Martine has also developed "Live, love and laugh", a feel-good lecture/performance for anyone between the ages of 7 and 77 years.

Her second book "Easy, Healthy and Fast", soon followed, with a bunch of easy, healthy and fast recipes.

Her third book, "Me-time" is a real manual (a survival guide really) for women. All women, whether young or old, with or without a career, are very busy bees… a wonderful book to pick up regularly for some Me-Time. Beauty, yoga and healthy nutrition.

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Find out more about Martine Prenen and her new book "Me-time": http://www.mar-10.com

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