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Save the sea with Amanprana. Articles on environment, oceans, plastic, fish oil, overfishing, and climate change

At Amanprana we demand extra attention for cleaner oceans and coasts, for us and our children. The oceans are of utmost importance for our food supply and it is crucial for our well-being and for the survival of the earth with all its splendor and beauty. We publicize new articles on a regular basis because it is very important to us to inform our visitors and mankind in general to point out the amount of damage that is being inflicted onto our oceans. These articles usually refer to the environment and the polluting of the oceans, presence of plastic, the potential danger of fish oil, overfishing, climate change and everything else related to the ocean and to nature. Save the ocean! Latest published articles on “Save the Ocean”

“Save the sea” : recently published articles


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