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Amanprana sponsors Sea Shepherd's 'Brigitte Bardot'. Don't eat tuna - the fight for tuna-free restaurants.

pijlAmanprana supports the 'Brigitte Bardot' crew with healthy organic food to stay in top shape in the fight against the looters and polluters of the sea. Sea Shepherd: do your thing.

Sea Shepherd's 'Brigitte Bardot' visits Antwerp (MAS museum)

On 15 September 2011 Amanprana visited the 'Brigitte Bardot' at the Willem Dock in Antwerp. The 'Brigitte Bardot' was beautifully moored beside the magnificent MAS museum. A 35-metre long, super fast ship which will be used by Sea Shepherd to protect the oceans and their sea life. The costs necessary to transform the 'Brigitte Bardot' were met in part by a donation from the Brigitte Bardot foundation (www.fondationbrigittebardot.fr).

pijlThe 'Brigitte Bardot' at the MAS museum in Antwerp in September 2011. Amanprana was there

Amanprana donates healthy organic food to 'Brigitte Bardot' crew

The crew of the 'Brigitte Bardot' consists of an average of 10 volunteers. On board only vegan food is consumed. No meat, no fish, no eggs, no dairy, no honey. Out of respect for animals and the eco-system. To give these volunteers on board the 'Brigitte Bardot' a treat, Amanprana donated healthy organic food. Under the motto: let food be your medicine. From now on, the chef of the 'Brigitte Bardot' will cook with extra virgin coconut oil and Amanprana olive oil, use Gula Java (healthy palm sugar from Java) as a sweetener and the crew will get their omega-3 via Amanprana hemp oil (cannabis sativa) and drink lovely organic wine and Gula Java Cocoa (a healthy and tasty sports (energy) drink)… Super food from Amanprana for a super performance!

pijlFirst donation from Amanprana organic food and Bertyn Seitan to the 'Brigitte Bardot' crew (Sea Shepherd), September 2011. Ready to save the oceans together   pijlSea Shepherd sweater

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a worldwide independent organisation for the protection of the oceans and sea life for future generations, founded in 1977. To help enforce regulations and protect the oceans and sea life, Sea Shepherd takes direct action in the field. Its current fleet comprises five ships, including the super fast 'Brigitte Bardot'.

Amanprana and Save the Sea

Since 1 January 2011 Amanprana has spent 10% of its profits on actions in the framework of 'Save the Sea'. Before that date, Amanprana was already actively involved in 'save the sea' actions, but without a clear financial plan. Corals disappear, sea species become extinct, oceans are polluted, mangrove forests become rare, sea farms are not a solution... Tuna are highly contaminated and critically endangered. Stop consuming tuna; this is better for your health and for tuna stocks. With its first 'tuna-free restaurants' action, Amanprana wants to make people aware of the extinction of this beautiful fish, but also of the fact that the tuna is a predator and, as a result, is more contaminated than non-predators. For this action Amanprana is collaborating with 'Sea First', an organisation that puts the sea first, and was co-founded by Dos Winkel, activist and underwater photographer.

pijlThe 'Brigitte Bardot' logo on the super fast ship of Sea Shepherd. The ship is 35 metres long and can make itself invisible to radar   pijlHandshake between the Sea Shepherd Director for Belgium and Amanprana founder, Bart Maes. Amanprana will sponsor the 'Brigitte Bardot' with healthy organic food. The donation is part of its 'save the sea' actions

Donate here to Sea First and Sea Shepherd. Do not eat tuna sashimi or sushi, tinned tuna, tuna salad or pasta with tuna.

pijlSea Shepherd's 'Brigitte Bardot' meets Amanprana. Fighting for the survival of the tuna together. Do not eat tuna. Tuna is toxic and heavily overfished. Farms do not offer a sustainable solution   pijlThank you for the future collaboration between Sea Shepherd's 'Brigitte Bardot' and Amanprana, organic food as a medicine


pijlReady to fight. Ready to protect the oceans and their inhabitants. Sea Shepherd, Bertyn Seitan and Amanprana organic super food   pijlThe Sea Shepherd crew photograph everything. Tuna, we are going to help you survive. But also the ocean and its inhabitants. Amanprana supports the 'Brigitte Bardot'


pijlThe 'Brigitte Bardot' in front of the MAS museum. Donation agreement between Amanprana organic food, Bertyn and Sea Shepherd   pijlSea Shepherd's 'Brigitte Bardot' at the Willem Dock, Antwerp, September 2011
pijlThe Sea Shepherd uniform of the 'Brigitte Bardot' crew   pijlBart Maes, founder of Amanprana, aboard Sea Shepherd's 'Brigitte Bardot' in Antwerp, MAS museum. Saving the tuna and the inhabitants of the oceans together.


pijlAmanprana super food and Bertyn Seitan support the 'Brigitte Bardot' Sea Shepherd crew to save the oceans and the tuna in particular   pijlThe Sea Shepherd logo on the 'Brigitte Bardot'


pijlAmanprana organic super food calls to save the tuna. Amanprana supports Sea Shepherd's super fast ship 'Brigitte Bardot'   pijlThe 'Brigitte Bardot' crew mainly consists of volunteers. Sea Shepherd and Amanprana go for the conservation of the sea