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The sea and our health during Plastic Free July

Plastic in our seas and oceans. Register for Plastic Free July

If you follow the news every day, how often do you see stories about our oceans? And how much do you know about the blue part of our blue planet? Probably not enough, which is understandable, given that the stories are often remote from you or very unclear. Sea First has created a beautiful animated video  that shows you what is really going on in our world and that it has a very large impact on every single one of us.

Sea First animation movie: The ocean and our health

Plastic Free July

Register for Plastic Free July, be good to our environment and your healthIf you would like to be more conscious about how you treat our environment and use plastic, a great event is scheduled for July that focuses on these issues - Plastic Free July. The objective is to avoid using any plastic that you use only once. The top four one-time use plastic articles are: plastic shopping bags, plastic bottles, disposable coffee cups and drinking straws. As we previously detailed, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. It would be a great start if we became more aware of the products we use, the problems they cause and how we could change.

Register for Plastic Free July

Be a part of Plastic Free July! You don't even have to do it the whole month - every little bit counts. You can even participate for just a day, together with 40,000 other people around the globe!

Register for Plastic Free July


Pollution and plastic and other waste cause an unhealthy environment Stop plastic waste during Plastic Free July