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Saving Colombia's threatened forests

Colombia, Zamarrito del Pinche Reserve with support from WLT supporters  including Amanprana. The reserve is helping protect the Chocó forest.
Amanprana is helping protect the critically endangered Gorgeted Puffleg hummingbird (ProAves). Above: A view over the Cauca department in south-west Colombia. This region of the country is where the Zamarrito del Pinche Reserve has been created with support from WLT supporters including Noble-House. The reserve is helping protect the Chocó forest and is home to some of the rarest species on Earth, found only in this one small area of Colombia. This includes the Colourful Puffleg hummingbird (pictured right) that hangs onto survival in the threatened Chocó forest, along with the Critically Endangered Gorgeted Puffleg hummingbird (pictured left). At Colombia, Amanprana is helping protect the endangered Colourful Puffleg hummingbird.
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World Land Trust (WLT) in partnership with Fundación ProAves

Since 2010 the World Land Trust (WLT) has been benefitting from donations made by Amanprana to save threatened habitat and wildlife in the south-west of Colombia. Combined donations successfully helped create the Zamarrito del Pinche Reserve.

This reserve is protecting 1,483 acres (600 ha) of important Chocó forest and is home to some of the rarest species in the world, found only in the one small area of Colombia.

In the face of Colombia's surging development and urban expansion, protecting the Chocó region has become a conservation priority. Spanning the entire west coast of the country, the Chocó has one of the highest concentrations of endemic species on Earth, meaning that many of the plant and animals that live here cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

WLT has been working with our partner organisation, Fundación ProAves, since 2009 to create a network of wildlife reserves to protect this threatened habitat and its wildlife. Since forming in 1998, ProAves has created 20 wildlife reserves throughout west Colombia, protecting 68 per cent of the country's threatened birds.

The area surrounding the Zamarrito del Pinche Reserve is within the heart of the Chocó biodiversity hotspot and is vital to protect for wildlife. For example, the Gorgeted Puffleg hummingbird and Golden Poison Frog are known to exist only in this small area of Colombia yet this habitat is highly threatened, particularly because of fires set by illicit cocoa and opium growers in the dry season.

Although small areas surrounding the reserve have been deforested, most of the original forest remains; this extensive forest cover provides carbon sinks and is critical in preventing soil erosion, limiting the potential for landslides. The area has heavy rainfall so flooding would probably increase, both in frequency and intensity, if deforestation continued.

Since Noble-House began supporting WLT through sales of Amanprana in 2010, they have enabled the purchase of 64 acres in Colombia, and as more funds are received they will be used to protect more of the country's environment and wildlife. ProAves are working tirelessly in a bid to save species that are on the edge of extinction and these donations have been invaluable.

Thank you again to Amanprana for your generous support.

The Golden Poison Frog is just five centimeters in size but is thought to be the most poisonous animal on Earth; it has enough poison to kill 10 humans. A reserve has been created near Zamarrito del Pinche, to safeguard the area where it survives and help save this species from the threat of extinction. Met World Land Trust helpt Amanprana in Colombia de gouden gifkikker te beschermen





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