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Amanprana supports the Philippines.
Buy coconut oil and help!

5% of the purchase of coconut oil
will be donated to affected coconut farmers

Around 12 November this year, super typhoon Haiyan raged over the Philippines and destroyed large parts of the country with wind velocities of more than 300 km per hour. Thousands of people perished and millions lost their homes and possessions. Over the next few months, Amanprana will be directly supporting the Philippines. From today, special action stickers will be found on organic coconut oil. 5% of your Amanprana coconut oil purchases will directly benefit the victims in the Philippines. 40% of our coconuts come from the worst affected areas.

In 2009 Amanprana started cooperating with Peter Paul and Ecocert in the Philippines, for the purchase of organic coconut products. Peter Paul is one of the first coconut enterprises that settled independently after the Spanish occupation. It employs 2,000 people and 305 small-scale farmers from the province of Lezon to produce the organic coconuts. 40% of them are badly affected. Buy coconut oil and support them.

Organic coconut oil extra virgin cocos, Amanprana Fair Trade

325ml: € 11,50 - € 13,50
1600ml: € 39,95 - € 45,95
Amanprana organic Coconut Oil you can buy in health food stores (click on where to buy) or via our official online shop amanvida.eu (click here)

5% of your purchase will be donated directly to affected coconut farmers.

Amanprana supports Philippines with sale coconut oi