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Tea sommelier Ann Van Steenkiste fan of Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha

Ann Van Steenkiste about super food, the royal Kotobuki teas:

Just like other brands of tea, Amanprana asked me to test and assess their tea.

"Until now there wasn't a single brand that could convince me of their quality, substance and purity. Amanprana is the first to affect my taste buds and heart."

Ann van Steenkiste, tea sommelier, http://www.curiosithee.be

Why heart? Because I believe we should choose purity, quality and sustainability. Not only to preserve nature but also for ourselves; out of respect.

Ann Van Steenkiste visits Amanprana We sampled the tea.

I could taste it immediately. In China, Master Cheng taught me how you can taste pesticides. I taste it at once and no one can lead me up the garden path with fine words on sites or packaging. The tea I tasted here was pure and real. I first sampled the Japanese matcha. Deliciously soft like velvet, without any notes of bitterness, which just happens to be the characteristic of a good matcha. A lot of matcha is bitter, which is also an indication that you are dealing with an inferior quality. You can find matcha on the commercial circuit, quite cheaply even, but where is it from? How is it grown? How is it fertilised? How are the people treated? Top quality and an honest product naturally don't come cheap. With Amanprana's Kotobuki tea you have an honest product in your hands. A product that preserves and improves health. Also bear in mind you only need a little bit of it.

Tea sommelier Ann Van Steenkiste fan of Amanprana Kotobuki Matcha

I then got to taste the Earl Grey and the Rooibos. For me it was a revelation to drink these teas the Japanese way. You drink the whole leaf. I was used to drinking matcha this way. During the Japanese tea ceremony tea is always drunk this way. But this was the first time I had drunk Earl Grey and Rooibos like this. It was surprising. I can understand that it takes some getting used to for some. Even tea drinkers will really discover something new even though it's actually a custom that has been around for over 1,000 years.

So you drink the infusion and the entire leaf with Amanprana's Kotobuki teas. You can also mix the powder into a breakfast such as cereal or porridge, thus using the tea powder as a super food! We only use matcha and Earl Grey in the morning or afternoon because of the caffeine content. The Rooibos can be drunk all day as well as in the evening because it doesn't contain any caffeine.

Imperial Kotobuki Matcha from AmanpranaAmanprana imperial Kotobuki has deliberately chosen the best possible relation between quality taste nutritional value