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Recipes Rineke Dijkinga

Rineke Dijkinga works as an orthomolecular therapist and naturopath in the beautiful area of Sellingen in Groningen (The Netherlands). She has been providing nutritional courses and excursions for many years. These give her an opportunity to explain the curative effects of healthy (primarily organic) food, herbs and spices on our energy levels, mood and weight from the perspective of the orthomolecular and naturopathy disciplines. Both forms of treatment work on the assumption that a person is healthiest (mentally, physically and emotionally) if the right quality and quantity of substances are present at cell level.

Her biggest passion is to help people realise that healthy food is often also very tasty and that you can use natural (organic) ingredients, herbs, spices, sufficient protein and healthy fats to create the most delicious meals on a day-to-day basis. Which are also an ORTHOMOLECULAR CULINARY TREAT!

Rineke Dijkinga and Amanprana, to help people realise that healthy food is often also very tasty

By popular request, the recipes - which she has principally developed herself - and the information provided during these courses have been combined in the book “Weten van (h)eerlijk eten” (Know how to eat well). (1st edition in December 2011, 3rd edition February 2012). Her motivation to write the book was primarily:

- Shining the spotlight on the healing powers of herbs and spices. Food can serve as a medicine if we feed ourselves with healthy food which is supplemented with the healing powers of herbs and spices.

- Highlighting the importance of organic food. From the perspective of our world but also with one eye on our own health. Organic food can genuinely add value in terms of health. If we make sustainable food choices, we are choosing sustainability for our world and ‘sustainable health’ for ourselves.

One of her mottos is:

Man has not created this web of lives, he is simply one thread within it. Everything he does to the web, he also does to himself.

Saying from Indian Seattle chief
(from 'Mutant Message Down Under' / Marlo Morgan)

- Encouraging a professional, preventative approach. No longer intervening when people have developed innumerable complaints and are faced with a range of medicines but encouraging people to take a preventative approach. Health is not something that you stumble across; you have to work on it!

Changing your dietary habits is hard. But… once people understand what the body and mind require and how individuals can subconsciously work against their own health, you can start tackling what you eat. That is why the book is not a classic cook book but a recipe book with a great deal of information about health and the curative effects of the ingredients. People usually find they become highly motivated because healthy eating quickly leads to changes in energy, weight or mood, even if someone has had problems for some time.

Every day, people make choices about what they eat time and again. These decisions are often made without thinking and on the basis of advertisements or eye-catching phrases on the packaging. But knowledge is often lacking. All things considered, we do not learn a great deal about food at school. By ‘knowing about eating’ (the book’s secondary title), everyone can make conscious decisions about their health and the quality of the environment.

The book can be ordered via www.weten-van-heerlijk-eten.nl 


Why do I advise my patients to use Amanprana products? First of all, because of the dependable quality and pure taste. I also love the fact that they are packaged in glass. Not just because plastic packaging is bad for the environment but also because people are increasingly being affected by the 'xeno oestrogens' in plastic. But I also agree wholeheartedly with the Amanprana philosophy: the products are organic and Fair Trade and a large part of their profits go to "Save the Seas". Our health is directly linked to the health of our environment. That is why I love the saying: 'Man has not created this web of lives; he is simply one thread within it. Everything he does to the web, he also does to himself'. We must regard our health as inextricably linked to our (dietary) choices.




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