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Stop eating fish: heavy metals, plastic, PCBs and hormones are all found in ‘healthy’ fish

There is no such thing as 'healthy' fish. Pollution means that all fish – especially fatty fish – contain harmful substances.

We all know how polluted our oceans are. Many companies dump their waste into the seas, and rivers also carry a huge quantity of waste matter with them. We bury large amounts of poisonous materials, which seep into the ground water and end up in the oceans, and we also flush a lot of junk down our drains. Heavy metals, plastics, PCBs, insecticides, dioxides, hormones, radioactive waste and anything else you can think of ends up in the water – do you really think the fish we eat is still healthy?

Fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna, contain a lot of poison

An increasing number of articles are appearing about how fish can negatively impact upon our health. It’s not the fault of the fish – they absorb a wide array of harmful substances through their food and gills, storing them in their omega-3 fatty layers (click here). The more fatty the fish, the more poison it will contain. Salmon and tuna are good examples of highly toxic fish. Around 60% of the carcinogenic substances in our bodies come from fish, and these substances can directly affect our livers, kidneys, brains and our endocrine systems.

There are no pollution-free places left

In reality, it doesn’t even matter where the fish comes from. No part of the oceans, and certainly of the no river, is pollution-free. This has resulted in poisoned fish contributing to the accelerated extinction of the polar bear to a greater degree than climate change. And the fish are not just poisoned; we’re hearing evermore frequent reports of overfishing too.

Is farmed fish better than wild-caught fish?

sqfYou might think that farmed fish is better, but these fish are often crammed together in overfull ponds. The fish are stressed, given unhealthy feed, are often fed antibiotics and swim in water that is full of their own faeces.

Go for vegetables and cut unhealthy fish and meat from your diet

Think of your health, our planet and of future generations and make the move to plant-based nutrition. Just like meat, fish also causes the earth to become overstrained.

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