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Amanprana mouth oil for detoxification of mouth and body.

Amanprana mouth oil cleans your mouth and your body. Oil pulling guarantees a total detox of mouth and body. The result? A well cared for, healthy mouth and a healthy body.

Efficient detox with mouth oil

Oil pulling is a cleansing technique whereby your body is detoxified through the tongue. This form of detoxing comes from the Ayurveda, a Hindu method of healing from India: in other words, an age-old tradition. You pull and push mouth oil through the oral cavity. In doing so, you produce detoxifying enzymes and activate energy flows in your body. When you spit out the mouth oil, you remove viruses, bacteria and fungi. This way, you cleanse your mouth and your body.

Extra effective mouth oil

Amanprana mouth oil is more than just a mouth oil. The mixture also contains coconut oil and the essential oils of oregano, clove and cinnamon. As a result, through its antiseptic properties, Amanprana mouth oil offers extra effective detoxification of the mouth.

Detox mouth oil cleanses your mouth and your body

Oil pulling with Amanprana mouth oil improves your health. Because micro-organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, find their way through your mouth to the rest of your body. You regularly detox with Amanprana mouth oil? Then you are reducing the risk of all sorts of health problems.

Buy Amanprana mouth oil? At your organic shop, or delivered to your home through www.amanvida.eu

Amanprana mouth oil for detoxification of mouth and body