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Festive promotions: Amanprana Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 325ml and 1600ml

A triple festive treat with Amanprana !

Festive promotion

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 325ml: £ 7,95* (i/o £ 10,45)
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1600ml: £ 29,95* (i/o £ 38,75)

Festive promotions: Amanprana Organic Extra Virgin Cocos Oil 325ml and 1600ml

Festive dishes

Add ‘serene vitality’ to your festive dishes with extra virgin coconut oil from Amanprana.
Easily digestible and suitable for baking, stir-frying, deep-frying and… for your fondue.
Your dishes will have a surprisingly delicate flavour.

Festive recipes

Check out our FREE festive recipes from chef Chantal Voets, illustrated with tasteful photographs.
Delicious, creative, surprising, quick or extensive and… always healthy.


*This promo is valid until 31 December 2009.
Available in your organic and natural health shop or home delivered by www.amanvida.eu
Info: tel. 0032 (0)3 653 25 41 - info@noble-house.tk

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