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Oil pulling: preventing disease with Amanprana mouth oil

There has been a long-standing consensus among doctors and dentists that many health problems start in the mouth. Through regular oil pulling with Amanprana mouth oil you will reduce the risk of contracting certain diseases and conditions.

Oil pulling and arthritis

Hippocrates suggested that arthritis could be cured by pulling a bad tooth (1). Dr Benjamin Rush declared that his patients' arthritis often disappeared when he pulled their infected teeth. Recent research has also confirmed the connection between poor oral hygiene and arthritis (2).

Oil pulling and high blood pressure

Dr Weston A. Price (3) linked the quality of people's teeth to their health. He discovered that bacteria that enter the body via the mouth can also alter the composition of the blood. They can make the number of white blood cells decrease. The Haemophilus bacterium, which often causes haemorrhages, can cause chronic infections and inflammation and increase blood pressure.

Oil pulling and ulcers

Dr Rosenow was also very interested in the link between mouth infections and the body. He did research with animals and confirmed that the Streptococcus from the mouths of patients suffering from arthritis or ulcers caused the same conditions in dogs. He concluded: 'Similar to the way cancer spreads, micro-organisms spread from the teeth and tonsils to other organs.'

Oil pulling and focal infections

Via tooth abscesses and inflammation of the gums bacteria can reach the bloodstream. This way, severe cases of inflammation may occur elsewhere in the body. These are focal infections. Examples are endocarditis, in which bacteria cause inflammation of the heart valves, and arthritis, in which bacteria attack the joints. Good oral hygiene reduces the risk of focal infections.

Oil pulling and arteriosclerosis

Some micro-organisms stay in our body. The herpes virus, for instance, via the mouth, can reach the vascular system, and after that the lining of the arteries. This lining can get inflamed and damage your arteries without you noticing. The Streptococcus sanguis bacterium, which is sometimes heavily present in plaque and tartar, can make the blood clot. As a result, the heart needs to pump faster and blood pressure increases. The consequences? More pressure on already damaged arteries. Arteriosclerosis starts, the artery lining becomes thinner and the blood thicker.

Oil pulling and heart disease

According to a study by R. Genco, people suffering from chronic gum disease have a three times higher risk of a heart attack. The more serious the chronic tooth infection, the higher the risk of heart disease (4). Researchers have demonstrated that heart patients often have worse teeth than patients without heart problems (5).

Oil pulling and lung infections

Inflamed teeth and gums also have consequences for the lungs and airways (6). We eat an unbalanced diet and are under a lot of stress. This wears out the immune system, allowing micro-organisms to quickly reach the airways via the mouth. An example is the Chlamydia pneumoniae bacterium, which is often found in the oral cavity. It causes a severe form of asthma.

Oil pulling and gastrointestinal complaints

The Helicobacter Pylori bacterium – often present in tartar – can find its way to the stomach. There, it causes irritation of the stomach lining, ulcers and stomach cancer (7). A combination of bad eating habits, a lot of stress, reduced resistance and bad oral hygiene increases the risk. Intestinal problems can also be caused by an unhealthy mouth. The relationship between inflamed gums and conditions like Crohn's disease and spastic colon has been proved (8).

Oil pulling and diabetes

The relation between gum inflammation and diabetes has been proven in various studies. Inflamed gums can lie at the basis of insulin resistance. Proper oral hygiene improves the blood sugar balance (9).

Oil pulling and disorders of the nervous system

Bacteria in the mouth can find their way to the brain and nervous system. For instance, bad mouth hygiene is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease, a slow process that affects the brain cells. The link between bad oral hygiene and Parkinson's disease and MS has also been extensively researched (10).

Oil pulling and pregnancy

Pregnant women with gum disease are more likely to give birth to premature or underweight babies (11). Good oral hygiene is therefore crucial for them as well.

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Oil pulling: preventing disease with Amanprana mouth oilOil pulling preventing disease with Amanprana Menta and Foeniculum mouth oil