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Oil pulling more thorough than tooth brushing

Your mouth is a breeding ground for micro-organisms. These make holes in your teeth and cause inflammation of the gums. You do not look after your mouth well? Then these micro-organisms will find their way through your entire body.

Oil pulling more thorough than tooth brushing

When you brush your teeth, you are cleaning only 60% of your teeth and less than 10% of the oral cavity. Hence, most micro-organisms survive thorough tooth cleaning and flossing!

Oil pulling with Amanprana thorough than tooth brushing

Amanprana mouth oil for complete cleansing

By oil pulling you cleanse your mouth completely. The oil absorbs bacteria, viruses and fungi. When you spit it out, these micro-organisms disappear with it. Moreover, the oil layer that stays in the mouth prevents new organisms from attaching themselves quickly to your teeth and gums. A simple method for an exceptional result.

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Oil pulling more thorough than tooth brushing