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Get a free gift box when you buy organic day-, body- and massage oil of Amanprana

PROMO: Get a free gift box when you buy organic day-, body- and massage oil of Amanprana.

organic day-, body- and massage oils of Amanprana

We have studied the creation of these organic day oils for one whole year. Enjoy the result and give your senses the attention they deserve.

Day-, body- and massage oils of Amanprana bring the elasticity, the softness and the moisture of the skin back into balance. Amanprana does more... As it has been proven many times that our skin absorbs what you put on it, Amanprana says: ‘If you cannot eat it, do not apply it on your skin’. After about 12 hours the Amanprana day oil has been absorbed by every cell in our body. It will also support and strengthen your mind, moods and emotions and it will have a beneficial effect on your vitality. Choose, according to your mood or how you are feeling, between 10 different oils such as Nerolina, Jasminum, Cinnamona, Vanilla, Lavendula, Pazzionate and Rosas. Spoil men with Torso and babies and infants with Babaluna and Babynero.

This promo is valid until 28 February 2010.
Available in organic shops or home delivered by www.amanvida.eu - Info tel. 03 653 25 41

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