Photo: Dos Winkel

Bluefin tuna seriously threatened
by sushi and tinned produce

The bluefin tuna looks as though it will suffer the same fate as the wild buffalo. The existence of the bluefin tuna is seriously endangered. This catch is one of the most profitable in the fishing industry. One single big bluefin tuna can bring in up to € 15 000. It is estimated that stocks of adult bluefin tuna in the West Atlantic Ocean have dropped by 90%. since 1970. This beautiful fish has been overfished since 1960. In the past only the larger species such as the Mattanza were fished.

The bluefin tuna is on the top rung of the evolution ladder of fish. An unbelievable creature that can swim at up to almost 80 kilometres per hour. It has a quicker starting acceleration than a Porsche and crosses the Atlantic Ocean each year. Bluefin tuna can weigh up to 700kg and are among the fastest fishes in all the oceans. The secret of all this energy is that it is hot-blooded. But that’s not an issue when it comes to sashimi and sushi. Sashimi and sushi are eaten for the flavour alone, the flavour of a first-class beefsteak.

Frozen tuna on the Tsukiji market in Tokyo, Japan. It goes without saying that the Japanese prize it highly as a delicacy and that Europeans and Americans like it in tins.