Photo: Dos Winkel

Fishermen vote, fish don't! Fishing subsidies

Local fishermen don't stand a chance against the big trawlers

The scientist Meyers, a former employee of the English ministry of fishing carried out a study into fishing in the 17th and 18th centuries. The efficiency at the time was not influenced by subsidies so that faster, bigger ships with greater technical expertise could be built.
At the moment there are too many people working in the fishing industry who bring an enormous influence on politicians to bend the rules that are absolutely essential, or to increase quotas. But the sea is not the property of fishermen.
In spite of the increasingly alarming phase of fish stocks and coral, there are a large number of countries still subsidise their fishing industry. So that the fish, the taxpayer and finally also the fishermen will end up being worse off. The FAO estimates that 43 billion euro are handed out in fishing subsidies worldwide with Japan taking the lead followed by Europe and the United States. The worldwide fishing fleet is three times too big for sustainable fishing. Europe provides enormous subsidies so that overcapacity can be sold to other continents. According to the WWF, half of the fishing subsidies that Spain receives are seriously damaging the environment.