Photo: Dos Winkel

Johanna Budwig, Dean Ornich and others
warn about fish oil

Johanna Budwig

Frequent and long bleeding during menstruation and wounds, increased ldl cholesterol, suppression of the immune system, increased blood sugar levels in cases of diabetes, increased risk of aneurisms, reduction in levels of antioxidants, swollen abdomen and diarrhoea. Here are a few comments from specialists: ‘Tests in other institutes revealed that this type of fish oil is very harmful for both humans and animals because they obstruct organs from functioning and they poison the liver,’ according Johanna Budwig. ‘The daily intake of fish oil supplements lowers the vitamin E content in the blood below its normal level,’ states Sanders. ‘What a lot of advertisements forget to announce is that Inuits have one of the highest incidences of aneurisms in the world,’ according to Dean Ornisch. Using omega-3 alone thins the blood and causes spontaneous bleeding. ‘Moreover fish oil capsules seem to increase cholesterol levels’. ‘Fish oil may protect against cardio-vascular disease, but it can aggravate problems with diabetes. It causes the liver to release more glucose into the blood’. ‘Research revealed that fish oil makes the cholesterol more susceptible to oxidation and this increases the risk of cardio-vascular disease, which is not the case with high alpha-linolenic content. ’A Danish study showed that women who took 4 to 9 fish oil capsules for two years, did not experience any benefits. The Danish Institute of Clinical Epidemiology, Copenhagen carried out the study.