Photo: Dos Winkel

Why is extra virgin olive oil healthy
and pharmaceutical fish oil so bad

olive oil

The answer is simple. Expensive fish oil is highly refined and ‘purified’ in order to remove toxic substances, but during this procedure it loses its natural protective substances. Expensive fish oil is also processed chemically and is perhaps the most processed oil in the world. Extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed and not processed chemically. Making extra virgin olive oil is a very simple and natural procedure. The olives are washed after harvesting, de-stoned mechanically, cold pressed, filtered mechanically and packed in dark bottles. In other words, the olive is treated with respect for nature. It undergoes no chemical treatments and provides all the fat-soluble vegetable micro-nutrients that the olive contains itself, namely protective substances such as vitamin E, squalene, sterolene, poyphenols, oleurpeine, hydroxytyrosol, chlorophyl, lecithine, etc… In short, more than 200 vegetable micro-nutrients. Specialists agree that these micro-nutrients are more important for our health than the olive oil itself.

Extra virgin olive oil and ‘pharmaceutical fish oil’ are two different ends of the scale. Extra virgin olive oil is vital and fish oil is fatal over the long term.