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Amanprana Body-care products organic cosmetics
▲ Only when you can safely eat it can you safely apply it to your skin. This is the Amanprana motto. The skin fulfils a protective but also an absorbing function. Body-care products are partially absorbed by the body. Amanprana feeds, protects, moistens, and purifies the skin and makes its way into every cell inside our bodies. Plus, the fragrances are divine. ▲ Essential oils are called ‘essential’ because they are indeed that, “essential” for the life of the plant. The oil purifies, detoxifies, transports oxygen and waste substances. Essential oils bind with heavy metals and toxic substances and are active components in their removal. Inside our bodies, they may function as neuro-transmitters, steroids, enzymes, and as messenger-molecules.

A treat for your skin
As well as for within

Dana Van Oeteren designer of the Amanprana cosmetics product lineDana Van Oeteren, designer of the Amanprana cosmetics product line: “Anyone can interpret the Amanprana care products in his or her own and unique manner. For instance, they may evoke a certain ambiance and feeling that is a very personal one, depending on the applications intended for the products in question. They not only work in a nutritious sense and restore the balance between the elasticity, smoothness, and moisture content of the skin, they also offer enormous emotional support. Each individual ingredient with its specific properties is fully absorbed into, and used by, our body to do its job within the smallest cell inside that great and complex structure.”

Amanprana puts health before all else

Our Amanprana cosmetics line boasts of 100% natural ingredients that have been very carefully selected on the basis of their fragrance, their functionality, and their qualitative properties. No superfluous preparations have been used and no isolates or chemicals added, thus preserving the hundreds of valuable components and promoting a synergy of the elements. Only then do we derive the full benefit of their healing and energizing powers. The processes and the fragrances of plants are determined by hundreds of fractions and, by isolating these, we destroy their natural mutual cohesion and detract from their restorative qualities, as not infrequently experienced in the perfume and cosmetics industry. Amanprana contains hundreds of natural substances that are complementing one another... interactively neutralizing, buffering, and harmonizing.

Natural intelligence and vital power

Our Amanprana day oils, body oils and scrubs all contain vital energy and power (Prana) as the basic oils have been cold-pressed. The essential oils possess a kind of “homeostatic intelligence”.

They first fulfil that function inside the plant and subsequently do the same inside the human body. They turn an acidic body more basic and possess the intelligence to destroy harmful bacteria and preserve the beneficial ones. In contrast to antibiotics, they reinforce the immune system and also neutralize viruses and moulds. The Amanprana care products really do possess this kind of “homeostatic intelligence”.

The aromatherapy pioneers Gatefossé, Maury, Buckle, Clarke, Tisserand and Price have presented sufficient evidence that essential oils will via our skin affect our entire body and our mind. Via the hair follicles and sweat glands they penetrate into the blood vessels and the lymphatic system. When you massage essential oil into the skin of your hand, that oil becomes absorbed into the bloodstream within circa 30 minutes, and one hour later it can already be found in the urine. Within circa 12 hours, the oils have penetrated every cell in our body. At the same time, they can bind with dermal fat cells to be released when the body needs them.

Violet glass protects the valuable ingredients

Sunlight is composed of visible light (rainbow colour-spectrum) and invisible light (ultraviolet UV-A and infra-red). In visible light, essential oils lose their smell and healing qualities. In contrast, invisible light conserves and activates the oil molecules. Violet glass then offers the solution: it allows penetration by invisible light while completely blocking visible light. Brown glass and plastics are not capable of this feat. Violet glass is therefore preferable for the preservation of quality, taste, and smell.

Glass tubes inside the bottlesGlass tubes inside the bottles

Monomers of all sorts of plastics migrate inside fats, oils, and oil-rich products. They disturb the hormonal balance and even the minutest particles are carcinogenic. For that reason, we at Armanprana do not insert plastic but rather glass tubes inside our bottles.



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