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Babynero, Babaluna facial, oil body oil for babies and toddlers - super food
▲ Nothing is as sensitive as the skin of babies, toddlers, and little children. Especially for them we have created a day - and body oil that is even milder. With somewhat fewer essential oils. Amanprana selected for their sensitive skin essential oils that are specifically adapted to their age and needs. Obviously 100% organic, 100% active, 100% natural, 100% edible and – do we need to even mention it? 0% chemical. ▲ Preventing, reducing, or smoothing out stretch marks after pregnancy. Expectant mamas can take full advantage of, and fully benefit from, the beneficial effects of this oil to pamper their swelling bellies with this soothing and balanced oil that promotes the elasticity and suppleness of the skin and can maintain the emotional equilibrium in better balance. This oil works to retain the skin’s elasticity and thus lessens the possibility of subsequent stretch marks (available in Facial oil and Body oil).

Facial oil for their face
Body oil for their body

“Don’t put on your skin what you can’t eat.” This advice may sound a bit weird but certainly makes good sense! Well-known baby products you can buy in pharmacies contain artificial aromatic odour additives and other chemicals.

If we have to make a considered choice for our babies and toddlers, then Amanprana is the obvious one. The blends of extra virgin almond oil, extra virgin red palm oil, and essential oils feed, protect, soften, and moisten the skin. The dosage of essential oil is adapted to the children’s age. Amanprana has developed 2 kinds: Babynero for babies and Babaluna for toddlers. Both are available in a facial oil (especially for the face and as a natural fragrance) and a body oil (with a softer smell).

Babynero: baby care

The skin of babies and toddlers is naturally more sensitive. Babynero is a sunny, smiling, and warm oil that may be used for babies and for all ages thereafter. Rub your baby’s entire skin with this oil after its bath to keep the skin soft and supple. Massage your baby and create a beautiful bond of parent and child from an early age.

Scientific research shows us that infants have a strong need for warm and loving contact, which allow them to develop faster and create a healthy sense of happiness. Put a dab of Babynero on a cotton pad to rub the baby’s sensitive inner thighs.


wellness for toddlers

With its essential oils of lavender, camomile, rosewood, and rose, Babaluna is a very interesting oil to pamper toddlers and young children with. From 18 months onwards, this oil can provide the child’s vulnerable skin that is all too often exposed to all sorts of influences from the outside with the needed care. Especially dry and sensitive skin benefits from the calming and soothing properties promoting its healing, for instance, in case of rashes, acne, eczema, and other skin affectations. Babaluna also works wonders emotionally through its calming influence.

From their early childhood years, youngsters have to cope with a great number of outside stimulants. They must absorb, in a very short time lots of new information to explore and integrate in the learning process. That can unsettle even the smallest child resulting in irritability, sleeplessness, and stress. Amanprana facial oil body oil: Babynero baby care, Babaluna wellness for toddlersUse this oil to calm down nervous upsets and to restore emotional equilibrium through its harmonizing and relaxing effect on body and mind. Use it after showering or baths or take time out for a relaxing massage for a restorative rest. Also recommended as a relaxing oil before bedtime for a good night’s sleep. Available as facial oil (50ml) or body oil (200ml).

100% organic, 100% active, 100% natural, 100% love. Available as Facial oils (50ml) and as Body oils (200ml).


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