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The most delicious and healthiest result for sweating onions is obtained when they’re cooked in red palm oil. Super food.
▲ If all of us were to eat more vegetarian meals and less meat, we would far better protect the natural riches of the rain forests. If we were not to consume any meat, there is enough agricultural land to feed the growing world population with healthy foods. Amanprana introduces the 1st sustainable and ethical red palm oil ▲ The most delicious and healthiest result for sweating onions is obtained when they’re cooked in red palm oil. Recipe: heat 1 small spoonful of palm oil over a small flame. Sweat the onion rings until they are a golden brown.

Amanprana introduces the 1st sustainable and ethical Red Palm oil

Save the rain forest and the biodiversity in Colombia

Amanprana supports the Colombian environmental organisation ProAves via the World Land Trust. It is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of the habitat of birds (for instance, the endangered yellow-eared parrot) and amphibians on the verge of extinction. Its goal is to keep intact Colombia’s natural riches and its biodiversity by forcing a halt to indiscriminate and thoughtless deforestation. www.proaves.org

Save 1 tree in the rain forest

Under the aegis of Sir David Attenborough as its sponsor, World Land Trust (WLT) is making an extra effort to protect the rain forest and its 10 million plants and animals. Your purchase of Amanprana red palm oil will help WLT to acquire parcels of land inside the rain forest. One tree will be saved for every litre you purchase. www.worldlandtrust.org

Support human rights in Colombia

The red palm oil from Amanprana is produced by families of small-scale Colombian palm growers in the region of Magdalena and Bolivar. These families were issued with a bio-certificate at the request of Amanprana. The small-scale ‘Alliances for Peace’ are a model for the economic development of poor communities.

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand

The Alliances receive a premium to help them with their biological endeavours, their education, their health and sustainability. The palm fruit is produced by small-size alliances and shipped to Daabon where it is pressed according to the rules of the art. In short: everybody is happy: you, the growers, and Amanprana.

Healthy and satisfying frying and wokking
with red palm oil

Health through red palm oil

Carrots are saturated with beta-carotene. So is red palm oil. In fact, Red Palm contains 10 times more carotenes than carrots. Tomatoes contain lycopene-carotenes. So does Red Palm. In actual fact, Red Palm contains 30 times more carotenes than tomatoes. Red Palm is furthermore very rich in vitamin E (7 kinds). Red palm oil is the richest source of tocotrienols, a specific vitamin E that is 30-times superior in retarding the failing of eyesight and the ageing of the skin through the action of sunlight than are other vitamin E types. Vitamin E and carotenes are natural anti-oxidants that help protect the body, mind, and the skin against the ageing process.

Healthy and satisfying frying and wokking with durable organic red palm oilMmmmm!

Red palm oil produces that typical African and Latin-American flavour and gives beautifully golden hues to your dishes: Moambe, rice, stewed onions, potatoes, and eggs sunny-side-up. Tip: red palm oil with spinach is a super-nutritious supplement for the eyes.

100% natural, 100% organic, 100% traceable, healthy and savoury. Available in 325ml and 1600ml volume. Bovis 11.500, 55 Yang, GI 0


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